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Fratellanza (ENG)

di Riccardo Ferola


This story is set in Castellammare di Stabia, near Naples and revolves around the adventures of two brothers and their family, the Espositos. A name like many others for a very unconventional family. It’s 1986 and the wounds of the 1980 earthquake are still clearly visible in the area where many families are struggling. However, the Espositos seem rather unaffected by it all. At least financially, they appeared to be doing well; but the family was far from happy. Marianna, the firstborn, almost eighteen, carried the weight of the inexperience of two sloppy, selfish but rich parents. Lorenzo, the second child, nearly 17 years old, was more of the same. Domenico and Annarita, both fifteen, were the unexpected and undesired twins, forced to learn the art of getting by at a very young age. Their parents, Filippo and Giulia, were apparently two ordinary, quiet, regular folks. However, it was all smoke and mirrors as there was hardly anything ordinary about this family.